Cracking the Spiritual Ego

December 9, 2014

As you transition from living your life having never challenged ego, to challenging it such that you begin to sense that you are something more than the ego, the journey becomes both increasingly more difficult and easier. Quite the paradox, huh?

It becomes easier because you’re anchoring in the belief that you’re something more than your ego, which allows you to challenge the exaggerated ego to greater and greater degrees.

However, the difficulty ramps up when you have to challenge the very belief that gave you such a boon in your journey, since a belief still implies that you’re relying on a set of personal identifications to know yourself…it’s still an aspect of ego relating to a separated sense of self.

Everything that you challenge as a part of the exaggerated ego begins to move into an identification with a spiritual ego…the last shell to be cracked. Since the spiritual ego still relies on a separated sense of self to know itself, your conscious awareness hasn’t yet transcended (or gone beyond) ego.

Prior to challenging the spiritual ego, the world still feels comfortable (and sought after). Only now, instead of …


How to Recognize, Face & Heal Your Pain Body

November 18, 2014

Ego can strike at any time. Sometimes you can feel it coming on….a bad mood mounting after a series of events that haven’t gone your (ego’s) way. Other times it seems to appear as if out of nowhere…you feel yourself emotionally go from zero to sixty in an instant…

One minute you’re fine, the next minute you’re either flying off the handle or waiting for the next available opportunity to unleash the built up emotions…usually on an unsuspecting bystander, who has no idea what just hit them!

I experienced the latter last Saturday…

I woke up fine. Headed over to a local bookstore where I set-up as a vendor to sell some of my wares. Sometime between being set up and waiting for my first customer, a negative emotion started to spark. I started to feel irritated by the slightest things…

I shared something innocuous with a friend and his response irritated me. The subject of our conversation wasn’t about anything that I’m normally vested it, but since my ego was looking for a reason to be mad, it decided to invest in this particular thing in order to have …


Let’s Build A Bridge Together…

November 19, 2013

I played it safe with the hair this week and kept is straight. 😉

This week’s video is all about building a bridge so that we can stroll right into our destination of aligning with inner peace, love, and joy. Won’t you come walk with me?…

What to expect in today’s video:

Two awesome analogies for the inner journey (if I do say so myself ;)) How our commitment to our own journey serves in not only helping ourselves but in helping others in their journey, as well (can’t beat that!) References to the beach, a beautiful island, early explorers and more!

Oh and this was the best thumbnail of the three options that Youtube gave me for this video…super cool, isn’t it? Thanks Youtube!

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I’m really enjoying doing these videos and hope that you are, too. …


How To Manage Fear

August 27, 2013

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of joining Hugh Liddle on his online radio show, Sales Chalk Talk. If you didn’t have a chance to tune in, now’s your chance!

We talked about the importance of fear management as it relates to walking out on faith. If you’re someone who desires to shine your love and light in the world (and I believe you are since you’re tuned into this blog!), developing and honing your fear management muscles is essential.

Without an understanding of how ego uses fear, you’ll risk being derailed every time fear creeps into your awareness—I don’t want that and neither do you!

Here’s your chance to get out in front of one of the biggest obstacles to aligning with the plans that you were sent here to complete…

What you can expect from the interview:

How to view fear in a way that neutralizes its hold over you (who doesn’t want that?!) My suggested process for managing fear (yep, I have a process!) Some of my personal stories regarding applying these steps as well as navigating the obstacles that come with …