Trust That You’ll Be Guided

September 4, 2013
Divine Timing

I see life as a series of assignments in helping us to advance in our inner journey. My trip to Panama has been no different. It has primarily been full of opportunities to grow in my faith that there is a greater plan at work. This has been most evident in my journey to share A Call to the Heart with the community.

I didn’t have an exact plan for how this would unfold when I arrived. I just had a few ideas that I initially acted on, and from there, momentum was created. The doors continued to open as I responded to the new ideas that were suggested.

As my final week was coming to a close, I’d sold over 90% of the books that I’d brought with me—I only had four copies left!

Even though I was immensely grateful for all of the opportunities that had opened up to share A Call to the Heart, I was still hoping to sell all of them. There was only one slight problem—besides having them on display at a local store, I didn’t have anything set-up for me to connect the …


The Rollercoaster Ride of Walking Out On Faith

August 6, 2013
Divine Timing + Inspiration

For the last few years, it has been my goal to live in alignment with the unfolding of God’s plan for my life. This, of course, always sounds much easier in theory than in application.  But, regardless, it has been my goal.

When Lindsey first emailed me back in April about coming down to visit her in Boquete, Panama, my heart raced with excitement in anticipation of the trip becoming a reality. In her email, she’d proposed that I come down and help her with her business and non-profit and that she’d help me organize opportunities to share A Call to the Heart.

It was a genius plan in terms of tying the trip to purposeful objectives. But as much as the trip made sense and felt exciting, I still wanted to make sure that it was aligned with where I was supposed to be, as a part of God’s divine plan for me.

We agreed not make a decision until a few unknown variables revealed themselves to determine if the trip was meant to happen or not. The rest of April passed, and then May, and before we knew …


Investing In Other People’s Journeys

January 21, 2013
Compassion + Divine Timing + Love + Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

Sometimes we fall into the trap of investing in other people’s journeys through the expectations and desires that we have for them.  This can happen when a parent strongly desires that their children take a certain route in life or when a spouse invests in how they believe their significant other should think and behave.  In my case, I have a tendency to invest in my friends’ journeys.

This is simply another trap set by ego.  We think by investing in the outcome of their journey (by trying to control the choices that they make along the way) that we are helping them.  Each time they make a choice outside of what we would have them make, we think we are “saving” them by attempting to intervene.  But if we are intervening from ego (as opposed to spirit), we are doing more damage than good.  Ego acts through an energy of control; whereas spirit acts through an energy of acceptance through love.

We are also under ego’s trap that our inner peace depends on them making the choices that we desire for them.  We would no longer feel frustrated if …


To Watch or Not To Watch

January 7, 2013
Divine Timing + Love + Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

My New Year’s resolution is one simple, all-encompassing statement:  to increase my capacity to be an instrument of love.  I feel that, in the past two years, I have been incrementally expanding my capacity to do this as a natural byproduct to my spiritual awakening.  Being and extending love has become the central focus in my life.  Of course, I’m not perfect at it, but I have set it as my goal.  Having love as a goal means that I have a measure with which to view my everyday experiences.  I can look at my experiences and ask:  Did I respond with love to the given situation or did I react with an emotion outside of love?  If responded without love, I can work to course correct, such that love is allowed to flow.

I was feeling at peace with the degree to which I had chosen to dedicate myself to love, until a few weeks ago when I was prompted to question my behavior further.  Activities that I had previously felt at peace with engaging in became magnified in my awareness. An inner conflict began to take place as …