What Comes Out When You’re Squeezed? Fear or Love?

June 24, 2017

It’s easy to be positive and loving when things are going our way.

But what about when life squeezes us in stressful ways?

It’s in these moments that we have to decide if we want to be someone who spews love or anger.

However, what often happens is we fail to see this choice and automatically react with frustration and anger.

If we’re not careful, the frustration from this one particular stressor can begin to influence every area of our life, causing seemingly minor things to quickly become major annoyances.

The only way to change the compounding ripple effect of this pattern is to recognize that it was our choice to react to the initial stressor through anger and frustration.

The stressor didn’t cause the frustration (or anger), our reaction to it did. Therefore, the power to respond differently is still in our hands (and always has been).

When we own this choice, we can make a new one. One that has the potential to make peace with the initial stressor.

Or if we’re unable to do that, we can still own how we decided to react to the stressor and choose to contain it to that event only…we can stop the spill over effect into other areas of our life.

No matter how deeply entrenched in patterns of frustration and anger we may be in, we can still decide to change these reactions to more loving responses, one instance at a time…even if we decide not to change our reaction to the initial stressor.

In every moment, the decision for love or anger is ours. And it’s a crucial one, because our entire experience flows from it.

May we each learn to choose love every time. And if we can’t, may we learn to own this choice so that it has less power over us.

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