The Time To Rise Is Now

July 7, 2016
Personal Responsibility

A few nights ago, I couldn’t fall asleep (might have been the mocha I had at 6:30pm!) but I did remember an old story with a powerful insight that I wanted to share with y’all…

Years ago I was on an organized tour in another country and my bag got lost when we were moving from one hotel to another. Instead of freaking out and causing a scene, I stayed pulled together and told our guide I was fine.

This was a spiritual oriented trip, so our guide assumed the role of a coach and began probing me as to why I was not upset. Believing being calm and collected hands down beat freaking out, I found her questioning quite odd.

However, she could see something I couldn’t…I feared being a bother to others. (As a side note, I still wonder if they hid my bag just to bring this issue to my attention because, shortly thereafter, it was found).

Fast forward to present day and I can still see this fear sneaking up on me when it comes to wanting to shine my light brighter by sharing spiritual insights …


You Always Have a Choice (you’re just not always conscious of it)

January 27, 2015
Love + Personal Responsibility

A major part of the awakening process is recognizing that we have a choice in determining the world we perceive. Prior to realizing this, it feels as if the world we perceive dictates the thoughts we have about it.

We get passed over for a promotion, so we feel unworthy.

Our car breaks down and we feel as if the world is out to get us.

A friend chooses to hang out with someone else instead of us and we feel jealous and hurt.

A romantic partner decides to end the relationship, leaving us feeling vulnerable, hurt and sad.

We pursue a dream we’re passionate about, but no “in the world traction” appears to happen, so we feel frustrated, not special like the ones “who made it” doing similar things…maybe even like a victim to God’s plan for us.

In a nutshell, the events seem to dictate our perception of them. We don’t, at all, feel as if we actually have a choice in how we perceive these events. They just seem to happen to us.

The things that occur in our life appear to cause us to have a …


How to Overcome Self-Deception

August 19, 2014
Personal Responsibility + Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

Self-deception is one of ego’s greatest tricks to keeping us from discovering the truth of who we are. Think about it…

If we never question the basic premise that our current sense of self is built on (the belief that we’re our ego), all of our energy and attention is dedicated to upholding and protecting the perceptions, beliefs and attitudes that make up our current sense of self.

There can be no greater self-deception than to believe we’re something we’re not.

Ego knows if we’re never prompted to question the perceptions that compose our current sense of self, we’ll continue to protect and uphold them. It works like a charm…

The more attached we are to knowing ourselves as a particular perception, the less likely we are to question its roots. If we (as our ego) perceive someone as threatening our personal perceptions, beliefs or attitudes, we respond with an attack…

Once when I was reading through my Instagram feed, I saw where a health and wellness yogi posted an innocent comment about having fun at the grocery store comparing the type of food people buy to the person …


How to Restore Peace + Love to Relationships When You’ve Become Consumed with Frustration

August 12, 2014
Personal Responsibility + Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

It’s really important to be mindful of when we become frustrated with others, especially those we’re in close relationships with. When we’re not mindful, these small annoyances can quickly turn into huge frustrations.

Before long, our entire perception of the other person is consumed with these frustrations, causing the relationship to become strained. For some relationships this may spell the end of it or it could lead to a lifetime of living in this frustrated pattern, neither of which is ideal.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.

With a deeper understanding of what’s going on, these patterns can be completely transmuted allowing peace to be restored to the relationship…

Our frustrations are derived from unconscious energy (latent fears) that have been stirred up within us. Instead of owning and facing our own unconsciousness, which is what is required to heal this situation, we blame the other person for the feelings that this unconscious energy raises within ourselves.

A step back to get a better understanding of what’s going on…

One of our deepest fears is that we are somehow incomplete. This desire to feel complete is what …