God Comes Through On Time, Every Time

October 6, 2017

Leading into Memorial Day Weekend, I had the brilliant idea to do a “sidewalk yard sale” near the store in Sabinal where my mom retails her own merchandise.

In my mind, this was an ideal location because anyone headed to or leaving the Frio River would pass through Sabinal. To be more precise, they’d pass through Main Street and that’s exactly where I planned to set up.


I set up in front of an empty building next to Rustic Charm so I didn’t have a Sandford & Sons look going on in front of the beautiful retail store.

And then I waited…

But this was way worse than normal waiting, where you’re just twiddling your thumbs wondering when someone will pass by and potentially stop.

I was staring at a slow moving, steady line of traffic for two hours straight—SO MANY POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS—yet less than three cars stopped!

Talk about testing my faith/the energy around the intentions I was holding.

Fortunately, this was near the end of May, so I’d had five solid months of strengthening my faith in situations like this.

And because of this, I wasn’t energetically taken out by this lackluster sale. Oh, by the way, I made $37 dollars that day. It was by far my worst yard sale ever.

Here are the affirmations I leaned on to keep my faith from slipping into doubt (I’ve trained myself to think this way):

*It doesn’t matter where I monetarily am in relation to my monthly goals, the money will be there on time because we live in a miraculous, non-linear universe. (Breaking our habit of linear thinking is crucial to opening up to receiving in new, unforeseen ways).

*God comes through on time, every time. I see this month after month. (I write down all the ways this occurs each month to constantly confirm my faith in the manifestation process working in my favor…this also builds energy in the direction of your intentions instead of away from them).

Even though this was near the end of May, my month turns over on the 9th of each month. In other words, I still had time for something new to work out.

In developing a habit of consistently coming back to these affirmations, I was able to stay in faith despite how the “sidewalk yard sale” turned out.

Then, I experienced an interesting turn of events the following week:

Some friends of ours were downsizing their parent’s house and offered a fair amount of stuff to me. Part of the reason I didn’t want to do a yard sale at my house was because I didn’t have new inventory (I didn’t want the same customers seeing the same stuff and being disappointed).

Bingo! Problem solved!

I set up shop at the end of the driveway that Saturday and had an incredible day of sales. I hit my financial goal. (God comes through on time, every time).

The story continues…

That evening I ended up heading back over to the house that was being downsized to pick up another load of stuff.

I figured I’d just store this for my sale the following month.

Then, it’s Sunday morning and I’m doing my normal coffee shop routine, enjoying my chocolate latte while looking over my affirmations and intentions. I excitedly check off the financial goal I’d hit and while going over my finances, I have the brilliant idea that I could hit a stretch goal…

I immediately head home and sort through the stuff I picked up the night before, add it to the already loaded truck and head back to the end of the driveway to set up shop again.

And have another awesome day of sales! Which helped me surpass my stretch goal!

Oh and to top off the weekend I sold an item on eBay for $115 that evening.

Part of my affirmations also include stating that I’m willing to be surprised and supported in the best ways possible…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I truly believe all of this was able to unfold because I’ve consciously adopted a way of seeing the world that supports my faith in bringing forth the desires I’m holding.

My only purpose in sharing these stories is to say that you can do the same thing, to whatever degree and scale you see (and believe) is possible.

And, again, it doesn’t have to be through resale funnels like the ones I’m using. These are just examples to show how energy, intention and faith are working together.

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