Choosing “FAITH” As My Word of the Year

September 27, 2017

Choosing “FAITH” as my word of the year for 2017 AND deciding/resolving to begin mastering the mechanics of manifestation has made all the difference in my ability to work more actively with co-creative energy.

Prior to this, I would say I believed in manifestation, because I wanted it to be true for me. But it wasn’t. At least not in the direction that I wanted it to be true.

I had an old, conditioned belief that was still active in me…

I believed the only way to make (decent) money was to work as a salaried employee or as an independent contractor, as I had in the past.

I didn’t let this belief stop me from no longer working in those capacities, but I did let it block what I was able to create on my own (the ability to generate decent money doing what I enjoy).

I learned to accept that I could be free from the 9-5 by making a lot less money. And my reality reflected this.

This singular belief held me back for many years. In some ways, it still does, but no longer to the degree it once did.

It’s why I’m super excited to share so many of the nuances of manifestation that I’ve been learning over the last 9 months with you.

My intention is to help you increase your capacity to work more positively with co-creative energy.

A few key things that I did early on…

I chose to know I was inside this energetic process of manifestation and that it would work for me.

(Note: It’s always working for us; we just tend to see our unconscious beliefs reflected back to us without challenging them from an energetic standpoint, which leads us to conclude that it doesn’t work for us).

I consciously chose to confirm my faith, instead of my doubt (there are lots of energetic nuances here that I’ll share in future posts).

You can’t wait for things to happen to confirm your faith. Instead, you must choose faith first and commit to using your outer experience to confirm that choice (especially when it looks like the opposite is occurring).

Taking a “wait and see” attitude is attempting to create from a place of doubt. And that’s what you’ll see reflected back to you. Then you’ll conclude that you were right (from a place of doubt) all along…that this process doesn’t work for you.

Now, did I achieve my desired results right away? No.

But I did start to see and feel The Universe reflect itself back to me in new, more positive ways…ways that were reflective of the new, faith-backed intentions I was holding.

After a few months, I could see a pattern of creating consistent results.

And what’s so crazy about these consistent results is that I have been doing so without having a specific form of income to rely on.

I primarily rely on sales. And not fancy sales like my grand vision entails.

I resell items people are getting rid of (i.e., I sweat my butt off at yard sales, list things on Craigslist, eBay and any other resell apps). I also re-paint furniture and charge for the service or sell the piece.

So a lot of unforeseen things have to come together every month to create consistent results.

I do yard sales around the first of every month, which means I always have to have stuff to sell. After one yard sale, my inventory gets pretty wiped out (ideally) so getting stocked for the next one means new things to sell have to come into my awareness (same with the other resell funnels I use).

I don’t know where the new stuff is coming from but I trust I’ll be ready to go the following month (or that something better will reveal itself to me).

I expect (from a place of faith not doubt, worry or fear) whatever is necessary to meet the intention I’m holding to show up.

And somehow it does!

Prior to 2017, my intentions lacked faith and confident expectancy. And my results reflected this.

Even though I’m still learning to co-create at higher levels by doing what I absolutely love, I’m super pleased with what I’ve experienced over the past nine months and feel it’s worth sharing so we can all work more actively with co-creative energy.

And, don’t worry, I’m not promoting that you do yard sales or resell stuff on Craigslist and eBay (though it could be an avenue for a one-off sale that helps support your monetary goal!).

My examples will come from these places, but it’s really about working with energy and that can be applied to any form.

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