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Let’s check to see if you’re in the right place…

You’ve got desires. Like big ones that help to change the world—true soul-desires.

But you’ve also got fears. And to move forward, something’s gotta give.

That something is, of course, your fear.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

It is my passion and my honor to help people just like you…people who know they have a soul-role to play in this world, but need a little help and encouragement navigating the internal challenges that come with bringing the desires of their heart to life.

My name is Shanna and I’m a mindset coach who uses spiritual principles to help myself and others (people like You!) navigate through life in the most empowering and joyful way possible.

My specialty and passion is in helping shift your mindset and belief system to one that fully supports bringing the desires of your heart to life. It’s something I’ve been doing for the past five years. I just can’t help myself…the information just pours out of me. It started with a book, then a blog, followed by a little speaking, and, of course, social media.

I believe we’re in this together…one soul helping out another so that both souls shine brighter.  And I’d love to work with you. If you feel the same, head here.

Even though this is my passion and purpose, it hasn’t always been (and it isn’t my only one)…

I’m a true Texas Cowgirl who grew up riding horses and competing in rodeos (I loved it!)!

In my twenties, I spread my wings and started to explore the world (well, mainly Central & South America). I studied Spanish in Costa Rica, volunteered in an indigenous village in Guatemala (one of the best years of my life!) and now I make annual “giving trips” to Panama to support Sowing Seeds of Love, an organization near and dear to my heart.

I’ve roasted marshmallows over lava at a volcano in Guatemala, visited Machu Picchu (twice!), swam with sea turtles, a sea lion, a few (small) rays and white tip reef sharks in the Galapagos Islands. (The whole shark thing is probably too scary for me to ever do again!).

I took Wing-Tzun lessons for three years (where I was often the only girl in class), learned to redo furniture with chalk pain a few years ago (having never done anything artistic in my life prior to this!).

Oh and I love mochas (or chocolate lattes as my current coffee shop calls them)! As in, I have one every day…it’s my favorite thing to do!

I tend to be too wordy (which is something I’m committed to working on!).

And Netflix is my Achilles heel. I love falling in love with a show! Most recently it’s the Canadian TV series, Heartland. But past faves include Burn Notice and White Collar. And current hits include Dancing With The Stars (long-time fan!) and Blindspot.

If you want to learn insights that I share from my personal life (along with helpful tips to navigate life in the most joyful and empowering way possible), be sure to sign up to receive personal emails from me in the bar at the top of this page, just below my picture.

Always Shine Brightly,


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