What others are saying about A Call to the Heart:

“A Call to the Heart is an insightful first-person look into how our personal choices and accountability impact our access to our inner spirit. Shanna shares her own spiritual struggles and roadblocks in a well-written and humorous manner, letting us dive deep into her personal journey to provide us with specific and easy-to-incorporate life changes. Her personal revelations allow us to move deeper and closer to our own inner spirit and away from the ego-based thinking that impedes our personal happiness and dampens our enjoyment of life itself. Her stories are ones we all experience which make the book easy to relate to and her “wow” moments that come from them are great touchstones to use on our own personal journey. A Call to the Heart has had nothing but a positive impact on my life and is an easy go-to guide when I need direction.”

Ed MacLaren, Toronto, Canada

“If you are a person who wants to know more about why we are here, and how we can get the most out of our lives, this is an excellent book to read. One can’t help but learn from her example. Shanna writes in a very personalized open-hearted manner. She is fearless in exposing her vulnerabilities, so that her lessons can benefit others. She is courageously walking her spiritual path, with a commitment that most of us are unwilling to emulate. As a result, she has grown so quickly in wisdom that there is much we can all learn from her. I see that she is on her way to becoming one of the spiritually conscious leaders of our time. I commend her, and look forward to her next book.”

Joyce C. Small, Founder of Heart Metaphor, Boquete, Panama

“This is a clear, compelling narrative of a young person taking her very best shot at walking through the darkness and doubt, and into the light of understanding. The author’s voice is calm and clear, as she takes the reader along on her journey away from her past limitations and toward her dreams of being of service. Not a “How To” book, but rather a stirring question of “Why Not?”
This book would make a wonderful companion for anyone wanting to move beyond his/her past the seeming boundaries of an old story, in hopes of creating a larger, more suitable one.”

Rudi Harst, Founder & Spiritual Director of Celebration Circle, San Antonio, TX

“A Call to the Heart is a compelling book that demonstrates we are not separate from God, but where the only thing that keeps us from that realization is our thinking. A Call to the Heart allowed me reflect on my life and gave me the context from which to understand my own personal experiences as it relates to finding my true essence. Shanna Covey easily cuts through the chasm of religious doctrine, and synthesizes the real essences of these teachings into a powerful, breathtakingly well-written book of the true meaning of spiritual enlightenment.”

Reuben C. Tamez, Houston, TX

“Shanna’s book, A Call to the Heart is well written, funny and enlightening. Her stories are delightful and illustrate powerful spiritual truths. The book pointed out to me that although I have a good sized ego, my spirit is larger and more powerful by far, and that if I connect it with The Spirit, it’s unquenchable! I highly recommend this read to anyone who is ready to take the awesome journey from ego to spirit in his or her own life.”

Hugh Liddle, CEO & Founder of Red Cap Sales Coaching, Sebring, FL

“In our journey through life we soon discover the road is not a straight line that takes us from one blessing to the next. Life is a winding road. There will be trials and temptations, but it can be a beautiful journey filled with opportunity, excitement and purpose around every turn. A Call to the Heart provides a compass to help us navigate through our spiritual, personal, and relational challenges. Awaken within you a new sense of God’s presence and appreciation for how He is working in you and through you on your spiritual journey. Don’t just read this book, but live out its truths.”

James Parry, Hattiesburg, MS

“A Call to the Heart is one of those books that you sink into personally. I found myself relating to each of the author’s examples on a strikingly personal level, and learned from the way she dissected those experiences to reach a kinder spiritual solution. Shanna Covey will challenge you to really, honestly look at your growth…not with “in your face” pushing or twelve steps, but genuinely and from experience. Excellent read!!”

Phyllis Kruciak, Co-founder of The Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience, Austin, TX

“This is the perfect book to help with so many things. Whether you are familiar with the genre or new to self-reflection, you will definitely enjoy the author’s narrative. The use of personal stories to illustrate the ideas are both entertaining and effective. I came in without knowing very much about the subject but the writing style made large concepts easy to understand and grasp. Implementing the tools is just as simple and the author gives encouragement as well as affirmations throughout. You will be amazed at the change you see happening in your day-to-day if you choose to take action (something that I learned from the book). Your first step is to definitely give this book a read.”

David Martinez, San Antonio, TX

“A Call to the Heart is a fun and encouraging book to read for anyone seeking to fulfill their life with meaning, truth and honesty. Shanna’s authentic approach to writing A Call to the Heart with integrity and courage extends to the reader how shifting into spirit from ego can open doors to a more authentic life with our Creator, ourselves and others. A delightful book chock-full of personal experiences, that easily relate to everyday life situations. Shanna’s gift to us in writing this book says volumes of the love, service and appreciation she has for others and to help awaken us along our paths to a more spiritual and meaningful life.”

Michael O. Chase, San Antonio, TX

“What a beautifully written book! With each page I read, it challenged me in a positive way to get down to the root of why I react to situations from my ego and not out of love. Shanna uses everyday experiences written in essay type format to dig down and find out why she reacted with her ego. Thanks to her book, we can ALL make the transition to live from spirit—love. Her book is not one I will just put on the bookshelf with all the others, I have it on my nightstand as a constant reminder and tool to help me when I’m in a situation and feel my ego flare up. I quickly grab the book, use the tools she provides and have been able to make loving strides forward.”

Lindsey Parry, Founder of Sowing Seeds of Love & 4Love, Boquete, Panama

“This book is wonderful! Shanna Covey writes from an ageless, timeless perspective and has a heartfelt message for all of us, regardless of spiritual or religious background. A Call to the Heart offers hope and a way of dealing with our feelings while striving to be in a better place in our own hearts.”

Mandy Terry, Lorraine, TX

“I love to read books about inspiration and spirituality. Some resonate more than others. Some make you look at your life and your world completely differently. This book does that. Shanna has found a simple yet profound way to take everyday life experiences and cultivate them into important spiritual teachings. She also gives you the tools to find spiritual solutions to everyday problems. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is searching for meaning, purpose and love in their everyday life.”

Crystal Byrom, New Braunfels, TX

“A Call to the Heart was a refreshing and delightful book to read. To hear personal stories put into a funny, relatable and meaningful book really left me thinking of my own life from a new perspective. The way the stories are told made me laugh out loud, cry and literally made the light bulb turn on for so many scenarios in my own life. Shanna not only tells stories that are relatable, but she digs deeper into the story to find meaning and views them from different perspectives of love and peace, she then gives you the tools to think the same way, which are very easy to follow. I had no idea I even needed these tools or what an impact they would make in my everyday life. This book is a treasure and is truly written with love, passion and care.”

Shanda Schneider, Co-Founder of Texas Expressions, San Antonio, TX

“I met Shanna in Panama and bought her book as a nice evening read. As I began reading A Call to the Heart I found myself quickly imagining being a part of her journey. I was very involved in watching her transform from a typical girl seeking meaning in her life to an amazing woman and her journey to acquire spiritual maturity. Shanna did a fantastic job with her stories, describing individual events that helped me more clearly recognize and understand the struggles between the natural man and the spiritual man, and how to make that change easier. I recommend A Call to the Heart as an inspiring young woman seeks to understand herself through her experiences with others. To participate in her mental and emotional process that she required to make life changes in her amazing story made for a Great Book.”

Richard Swalm, Boquete, Panama

“In A Call to the Heart, Shanna shows a depth of perception way beyond her years. So many young people today are searching for purpose in their lives and she gives them the tools to help find it; yet her stories are meaningful in a realistic way that speaks to all of us. I’m in awe how this young woman came to understand the role that love plays in our lives; love that connects us with the rest of the world as God intended.”

Pam Page, Seguin, Texas

“Love, love, loved this book! I was so busy with life and had not picked up a book in a while…I had a hard time putting this one down and wanted to learn more. A pretty deep subject but Shanna Covey has a way of breaking it down in simple, real life situations for easier understanding.”

Marilyn Caskey, Owner of The Garment Exchange, San Antonio, TX

“This book is extremely well written. Very easy read and I love that it is real and about her experiences in life. It does help you to rethink why you may respond to situations with your EGO (Edging GOD OUT) instead of with your heart and through Spirit. I am not always one to read books all the way through, but this one seemed to hold my attention and I am so glad that it resonated so well with me.”

Althea Bailey Peterson-Angelus, Boquete, Panama

“We are defined by the stories that we choose to live by and by choosing what is true and good and beautiful, we can create a life worth living and a legacy for the next generation. Shanna has truly done a wonderful job in sharing her life-changing stories. Read, reflect, add a big dose of love for yourself and others, and then write and rewrite your own life story. A Call to the Heart will encourage you to let go of your fears and live a life of love and grace with a great, big dollop of humor.”

Charlene Barnes, Founder of So Live!, Hondo, TX

Excerpts from emails I received from readers:

“Shanna, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been feeling a particular way only to turn to the next chapter in your book and find that is exactly what you’re writing about. It has been extremely comforting, inspiring and provided a great deal of guidance to realize that you have walked a very similar path (in a very similar order), and have authentically shared your experiences…I really value and honor meeting you in Panama and all the awesomeness contained in A Call to the Heart.”

Luci Hull, Maui, Hawaii

“Shanna, there are parts of your book, where your insights are so right on and profound that I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU A BIIIIG HUG! It is beautiful! Your book is making a difference in many people’s lives…I can tell you that it is making a difference in my life! I’m more conscious and aware to approach every person I meet with love (even if I make minor course corrections during the interaction, because my mind goes elsewhere!). I feel more profound love for others approaching life this way! Thank you!”

Ricardo Flores-Clar, San Antonio, TX

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