Embracing Our Challenges

October 20, 2016
Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

Our challenges in life are our gifts to help awaken not only ourselves, but the collective. They are not our burdens (as many of us have likely incorrectly concluded). Instead, as perfectly stated by Bentinho Massaro, they serve to create the exact polarity of experience we personally need to crystallize the truth of who we are—magnificently balanced beings of love, light and wisdom.

Begin to see these challenges as whispers from God speaking through our higher-self indicating exactly what we need to investigate and heal within ourselves. Befriend them knowing they’re serving to increase our capacity to extend greater amounts of love and light into the world.

As we do so, we speed up our own awakening and simultaneously contribute to the collective awakening of humanity by creating an energetic path or bridge for others to do the same.

Always Shine Brightly,


Claim Your Worthiness

July 12, 2016
Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

When it comes to actively pursuing the desires of your heart, you have to claim your worthiness of these desires by validating yourself…you can’t wait for someone else or your circumstances to do that for you. To do so is to give away your power to something outside of you. And all true power comes from within.

The thought or belief that we need someone or some set of circumstances outside of us to confirm that’s we’re on the right path is the biggest mistake we can make since it creates an energetic state of waiting…the exact opposite type of energy that’s needed to create.

Even if you take action but carry the idea that someone or something in your circumstances is needed to prove to you that you’re worthy of your desires, your circumstances will continue to reflect a state of waiting since that’s the underlying energy behind your actions (i.e., nothing will truly change).

To create we need faith. Faith in ourselves…faith in the desired outcome…and faith in something greater than us guiding us to our next right action.

You can validate yourself with ease by trusting that …


Anchoring in True Abundance

July 7, 2015
Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

We all desire abundance in some form or another, but have we questioned what it is we’re really desiring to attain from a sense of abundance and, once we’re clear on that, whether or not we’re going about attaining it in the best way?

Often what we truly desire is a sense of psychological security versus the thing itself. When this happens, we mistake “having the thing” as true psychological security.

However, true psychological security (or an inner state of abundance), can only be known when “having or not having the thing” no longer has a bearing on our sense of security.

It’s when we shift from needing something outside of ourselves to feel secure to feeling secure with or without it that a true state of inner abundance (or psychological security) is achieved. When this happens, the mysterious life force of energy is allowed to flow to and through us.

True creative expansion becomes possible because we’re now co-creating with the life force of energy, instead of trying to grab or cling to it as something that personally fulfills us…it’s allowed to move through us in an unrestricted manner.


Responding to Life from Peace (instead of Frustration)

June 30, 2015
Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

More important than placing our hope in a positive outcome (which is still good, just not the ultimate goal) is the capacity to accept what happens in life from a place of peace. It’s the ability to enter life from such an expansive state that no matter what happens, our peace is neither dependent on nor disturbed by what happens.

This is a much more powerful inner state than simply relying on positive thinking to bring about an outcome that makes us feel happy or peaceful. The difference being positive thinking is still relying on an external outcome to establish peace, while an inner state of acceptance means we’re already at peace, regardless of what happens.

The more expansive state of peace and acceptance will always carry a higher vibration than one that clings to needing an outcome to be a certain way to feel happy…

This is because the latter is still carrying a low level fear that says “if you don’t focus your thoughts in this positive manner, something ‘bad’ might happen”. The something “bad” is always defined by ego based on what it feels will threaten it’s …