Choosing “FAITH” As My Word of the Year

September 27, 2017

Choosing “FAITH” as my word of the year for 2017 AND deciding/resolving to begin mastering the mechanics of manifestation has made all the difference in my ability to work more actively with co-creative energy.

Prior to this, I would say I believed in manifestation, because I wanted it to be true for me. But it wasn’t. At least not in the direction that I wanted it to be true.

I had an old, conditioned belief that was still active in me…

I believed the only way to make (decent) money was to work as a salaried employee or as an independent contractor, as I had in the past.

I didn’t let this belief stop me from no longer working in those capacities, but I did let it block what I was able to create on my own (the ability to generate decent money doing what I enjoy).

I learned to accept that I could be free from the 9-5 by making a lot less money. And my reality reflected this.

This singular belief held me back for many years. In some ways, it still does, but no longer to the …


Decide That Manifestation Works For You

June 20, 2017

I’m not motivated by security for the sake of security itself. Do I desire financial security? Yes.

But am I willing to do something for a prolonged period that I do not enjoy in order to obtain that security? No.

So I’m willing to sacrifice it for other freedoms. Ideally, the goal is to create security through things I’m passionate about but sometimes that takes time.

So I set my non-negotiable as not being tied to a long-term job I don’t enjoy.

And because of this I’ve found myself doing various odds and end things over the past few years.

I get that going this route isn’t for everyone. However, I believe the lessons I’ve learned over the last six months about manifestation are helpful regardless of your threshold for security, since creating without a specific thing to rely on really forces you to notice and shore up your bad manifestation habits (i.e. fear, doubt, clinging, etc.).

In only six months of focusing on beginning to master the mechanics of manifestation, I’ve noticed monumental changes in my energy (i.e., my ability to hold faith by wrapping my energy around new …


Choose Faith Every Time

April 27, 2017

When I notice I’m in doubtful energy I find it helpful to journal through prayer, asking God to help me shift back into faith. Here’s something I wrote a few weeks ago that you might find helpful, if you’re in a similar state… Last night I had trouble sleeping because I was in doubt, fear and worry – I leaked a lot of energy unnecessarily.

Please help me to heal and release these worries, re-gather the powerful energy I leaked and stand tall again, owning my capacity to create by leaning into your overwhelming willingness to support my desires based on the faithful energy I give you to work with. I contracted because I was only seeing through the limited lens of my logical mind. I see that I did this and am willing to release my limited thinking in favor of embodying miracle-mindedness.

I know there are infinite ways to bring forth the desires of my heart and infinite abundance to work with and partake in.

I choose to gather my energy and move forward in faith, knowing my desires have been heard, the GPS coordinates have been programmed …