Coming Back To Faith In Your Intention

October 16, 2017

Overcoming doubt is one of the most critical pieces to strengthening the energy around the desires and intentions you’re holding.

I remember when I first started working with this process I felt such an urge to feel a response to my desires and intentions that I kept checking on all the things I had in place to bring in money to see if anything was happening…

I’d check my eBay listings to see if I had any watchers (because, ideally, they lead to bids).

If I didn’t have any watchers, I’d check to see how many people viewed the item to see if it was “getting out there”. And I’d freak out if it looked like there were very few views, wondering how the heck I was going to connect the item to an end buyer.

Then, if I had watchers, I’d constantly check to see if someone decided to bid on the item.

All of these actions were stemming from some level of doubt as to whether or not things were going to work in my favor.

This is probably the hardest thing to overcome in the beginning because …


Teacups, Saucers & Nashville

October 11, 2017

I LOVE when God & The Universe come through in the most surprising and unusual ways!

Flashback to April…

I was leaving for Nashville in 9 days.

I had my plane ticket and my half of the AirBnB covered.

But I still needed spending money. And I needed to generate it above my normal expenses.

Oh, and I couldn’t rely on my trusty yard sale funnel because I’d just used it the prior weekend to generate money for something else.

Overall, things were looking a little light with respect to my resale funnels.

In other words, I had no idea where this additional money was going to come from but something in me knew it would be there before I boarded the plane for my trip.

Instead of dipping into fear, doubt or worry, I anchored in this knowing. It’s an energetic state I’d been coming to know more and more ever since choosing “faith” as my word of the year and resolving to begin mastering the mechanics of manifestation (i.e., this state can be learned!).

Within a day or two, a family friend dropped off a small cardboard box …


God Comes Through On Time, Every Time

October 6, 2017

Leading into Memorial Day Weekend, I had the brilliant idea to do a “sidewalk yard sale” near the store in Sabinal where my mom retails her own merchandise.

In my mind, this was an ideal location because anyone headed to or leaving the Frio River would pass through Sabinal. To be more precise, they’d pass through Main Street and that’s exactly where I planned to set up.


I set up in front of an empty building next to Rustic Charm so I didn’t have a Sandford & Sons look going on in front of the beautiful retail store.

And then I waited…

But this was way worse than normal waiting, where you’re just twiddling your thumbs wondering when someone will pass by and potentially stop.

I was staring at a slow moving, steady line of traffic for two hours straight—SO MANY POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS—yet less than three cars stopped!

Talk about testing my faith/the energy around the intentions I was holding.

Fortunately, this was near the end of May, so I’d had five solid months of strengthening my faith in situations like this.

And because of this, I wasn’t energetically …


Unapologetically Owning Your Choices

September 29, 2017

February 4th was a good day. It’s the day my best friend, Crystal, got married.

It’s also the same day of the month my credit card is due. Which means I schedule a payment that takes my checking account down to $5.

Why? Two reasons:

1.) I value paying my financial commitments over keeping some for savings (at this point in time)

2.) I know I can always make more money (‘There’s more where that came from’ mentality).

I had my financial plan…credit card payment scheduled, cash to pay my part of the hotel for the weekend and cash to pay the lady who did my hair. I was set. (Oh, and cash for coffee! ☕️)


One of my besties forgot her wallet and needed someone to cover her hair and make-up.

No prob, I can help. (I’ll just float it on my credit card, I thought to myself).

That works for the lady who did her hair but the makeup lady only takes debit cards.


I look at my bestie and say ‘sorry, I can’t do that,’ burning with shame.

She …