Vigilance Pays Off (whether for coffee…or truth)

January 20, 2015
Fun and Silly + Love

Any time I head out to a remote area like my trip to west Texas this past weekend, I mentally prepare myself to go without a mocha for a few days (yes, I know, it’s pretty sad that this takes actual mental preparation!).

However, if I catch wind that there might be a coffee shop in the area (with a real espresso machine), I’m like a Chihuahua that latches onto a pant leg and won’t let go…I’ll stop at nothing to find the place!

Marfa, TX proved to be quite the adventure, in this regard…

Good ole Google let me know that there were not one, but TWO potential coffee shops in town. Marfa is a bit of an oasis in this way.

I decided to go with the one that had the quirkier name—Do Your Thing Coffee (the competing option was Big Bend Coffee Roasters…not near as fun).

The next morning, my friend, Crystal, and I headed out in search of the coffee shop with our handy iPhone as our guide. The GPS coordinates led us here:

Marfa Coffee Shop Adventure_GPS locationKEEP READING