The Book: A Call To The Heart

A Call to the Heart is a collection of essays detailing how the “spiritual lessons and ahas” that I now teach, first came into my awareness. They are stories about everyday events, just like the ones that you’re likely experiencing; with one slight caveat…I decided to look at them through the lens of spirit (or love) instead of ego (or fear).

In adjusting how I chose to see my everyday experiences, I began to bring to light all of the places in myself where I wasn’t thinking or acting from love. Since it was my goal to align with love, I was being guided to look under the surface of my emotional reactions to determine where they were stemming from. What I found is that they were stemming from ego, or my false self.

I was being guided to choose new ways in which to respond to everyday events that were taking place in my life…responses that were based in love. This shift in perspective was made possible through my studies of A Course in Miracles, a metaphysical spiritual text.

So, you might be asking yourself: “How is A Call to the Heart going to benefit me?”

A great question indeed!

You were always at the forefront of my mind when writing A Call to the Heart. It was my intention to use my journey to show you how to make similar shifts, in your own life. In each essay, I dissect how I became clouded by my ego’s motivations. In revealing this, I show how I missed the visible choice for love and what I needed to do to see that choice in future situations.

In dissecting ego behaviors and motivations, my intention was to demystify ego, such that you could more easily recognize when and how it is at play in your own life. I believe that in becoming aware of ego, you are positioned to begin shifting your energy and attention away from it to your spirit (or love)…a primary goal in any spiritual journey.

Before reading A Course in Miracles, I was blind to the visible choice for love when the pressure of my ego (or fear) was present. I believe that choosing love is a skill that must be developed and honed…it is not something that is based in personality or temperament; it is something that is present within each of us.

Our job is to remove all blocks to love’s presence. We begin to do this by looking under the surface of our emotional reactions and examining why we responded the way that we did. Through this newfound awareness and goal to align with love, we begin to gain control over our emotional reactions. We are no longer at the mercy of ego (or our old conditioned responses); instead we are in control of it. This is a monumental shift in perspective that leads to inner peace and power. In clearing this “stuck energy”, you’re positioned to begin doing your soul work, which is where lasting fulfillment stems from.

This is also how you begin to emit love where you may have previously emitted some form of fear.

The ripple effect is tremendous…you not only begin to heal yourself, you also begin healing those around you simply because you’re no longer exerting egoic demands on yourself, your relationships, your circumstances, or your experiences. Inner peace, love, and joy are each felt and realized.

We are all on this journey to return to love together. My intention in sharing A Call to the Heart is to serve as a sign post on your journey. If you feel that A Call to the Heart is meant to be a part of your path, I’d be honored to share my stories with you.

Regardless, I wish you much love and support on your path.

With love,

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