Coming Back To Faith In Your Intention

October 16, 2017

Overcoming doubt is one of the most critical pieces to strengthening the energy around the desires and intentions you’re holding.

I remember when I first started working with this process I felt such an urge to feel a response to my desires and intentions that I kept checking on all the things I had in place to bring in money to see if anything was happening…

I’d check my eBay listings to see if I had any watchers (because, ideally, they lead to bids).

If I didn’t have any watchers, I’d check to see how many people viewed the item to see if it was “getting out there”. And I’d freak out if it looked like there were very few views, wondering how the heck I was going to connect the item to an end buyer.

Then, if I had watchers, I’d constantly check to see if someone decided to bid on the item.

All of these actions were stemming from some level of doubt as to whether or not things were going to work in my favor.

This is probably the hardest thing to overcome in the beginning because you have to RESOLVE to see that it’ll work in your favor BEFORE you have a history of examples proving to you that it does.

But as soon as you cross this threshold (through your resolve to know that things will work in your favor), things get exponentially easier because you’re finally working with faithful energy.

And faithful energy changes everything: Where doubtful energy clogs and chokes the flow of abundance, faithful energy relaxes and allows abundance to flow.

To help shift this energy in myself, I kept coming back to the following:

Always bring your faith back to the desires you’re holding, knowing there are infinite ways in which your desires can be met.

This helps to shift any inadvertent clinging to funnels you’ve put in place and allows the energy around those funnels to remain free and clear of any “choking type energy” from attaching what our logical mind sees as possible.

It also frees us up to listen for any new inspired guidance that we can take action on. And it keeps our energy free to receive in miraculous, unexpected ways.

So remember to come back to faith in your initial desire/intention, which, inherent in that faithful energy is faith in your pure desire being heard, a great willingness from the divine realm to support those desires, and a remembrance of the infinite ways in which this can occur.

You know you’re anchored back in faith when you simply feel good—you feel relaxed, trusting and confident that your desires have been heard and all is unfolding in your favor.

And you can’t feel good if you’re in fear, doubt or worry. If you’re in fear, doubt or worry, stuff needs to be cleared. Internal work needs to be done. Be willing to do this to clear a path to receive.

If you’re still having trouble shifting (and feel that you’ve done the inner work), something else I do is I ask for help in releasing any and all stuck energy. Sometimes I even physically shake my hands and arms to release the stuck energy. It may look dumb, but it’s a physical declaration of your intention to shift.

You can shift. You just have to DECIDE to. When you do, you’ll feel locked into faith. This is when things get exciting.

You’ve got this!


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