Teacups, Saucers & Nashville

October 11, 2017

I LOVE when God & The Universe come through in the most surprising and unusual ways!

Flashback to April…

I was leaving for Nashville in 9 days.

I had my plane ticket and my half of the AirBnB covered.

But I still needed spending money. And I needed to generate it above my normal expenses.

Oh, and I couldn’t rely on my trusty yard sale funnel because I’d just used it the prior weekend to generate money for something else.

Overall, things were looking a little light with respect to my resale funnels.

In other words, I had no idea where this additional money was going to come from but something in me knew it would be there before I boarded the plane for my trip.

Instead of dipping into fear, doubt or worry, I anchored in this knowing. It’s an energetic state I’d been coming to know more and more ever since choosing “faith” as my word of the year and resolving to begin mastering the mechanics of manifestation (i.e., this state can be learned!).

Within a day or two, a family friend dropped off a small cardboard box for me one morning while I was in town having coffee (I never skimp on coffee!) and said I could do what I wanted with the items in it. I had no idea what was in the box as she hadn’t said.

That evening it dawned on me (i.e., I received inspired guidance) that if I was going to work my eBay funnel to generate the extra spending money, I better do so soon so the auction had time to run and end before I headed out for my trip.

When I opened the box I discovered that it was six different teacups with matching saucers. As I always do in situations like this, I immediately researched it on eBay to see if these were popular items and, if so, what they’d been selling for.

After some research, three of them seemed to be super promising, so I immediately took pictures and began listing them on eBay.

Before I’d finished listing all of them, one sold at a “buy it now” for $54! A teacup and saucer sold for $54! I was ecstatic and encouraged!

By the time I went to bed that night, another one (the most promising one) received an opening bid for $99.50.

God/The Universe was responding to my faith-backed intention.

By the time that Sunday rolled around, the third one sold for $37.

I don’t remember how I generated the rest of the spending money, but I do know it was there by the time I boarded my flight for Nashville the following week.

I love this experience for so many reasons. One because it’s crazy…I mean I was deeply supported by teacups and saucers! Who would have thought?!

And because it fostered so many of the affirmations I use to shape and deepen my faith. Affirmations like these:

*I am deeply supported.

* I am inseparable from the abundance of The Universe. (I thought of this exact experience every time I reviewed this affirmation in the months that followed).

*God comes through on time, every time.

*I am a powerful co-creator. (We have to hold the desire/intention and supporting energy for God to work with us and we have to be willing to take action on inspired guidance).

*The Universe is always rising to meet my energy. (Same reason as above).

*Miracles are a natural part of my experience. I see this over and over, month after month. (This experience definitely fell into the “interesting miracle” category).

*The Universe is full of potential and opportunities to fulfill my desires. (Again, teacups + saucers = unique way to fulfill desires)!

*I easily raise my faith, energy and overall vibration to attract more money (and opportunities to support these desires) to me. (I had to hold the energy even though I had no idea how the intention would come through, which is the point of faith…knowing and trusting without knowing the “how”).

Guys, prior to nine months ago, I wasn’t thinking or living in these affirmations, at least not as consciously or solidly as I have been doing this year. The biggest thing it takes to begin seeing through this faith-backed lens is the DECISION to do so.

That’s the biggest thing I did this year as compared to any other time. I decided that I would begin mastering this process.

From that resolve, everything else began to fall into place. The learning continues as there’s always fine tuning to be done and greater energy to step into.

But you’ll begin to see results by simply deciding to see them.

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