Unapologetically Owning Your Choices

September 29, 2017

February 4th was a good day. It’s the day my best friend, Crystal, got married.

It’s also the same day of the month my credit card is due. Which means I schedule a payment that takes my checking account down to $5.

Why? Two reasons:

1.) I value paying my financial commitments over keeping some for savings (at this point in time)

2.) I know I can always make more money (‘There’s more where that came from’ mentality).

I had my financial plan…credit card payment scheduled, cash to pay my part of the hotel for the weekend and cash to pay the lady who did my hair. I was set. (Oh, and cash for coffee! ☕️)


One of my besties forgot her wallet and needed someone to cover her hair and make-up.

No prob, I can help. (I’ll just float it on my credit card, I thought to myself).

That works for the lady who did her hair but the makeup lady only takes debit cards.


I look at my bestie and say ‘sorry, I can’t do that,’ burning with shame.

She looks back in shock ‘really?!’

Nope, not today. (Different bestie steps in to save the day).

I was embarrassed in that moment but the truth is I don’t see anything wrong with my financial decision to take my account down to $5 to make the biggest cc payment I can.

The problem was is in me projecting an outside judgement onto my choice and that was creating a feeling of shame.

We have to own our choices unapologetically if we want to clear up our energy around these choices.

I was owning my choice as long as no one holding a different opinion knew about it. That’s leaving room for shame and embarrassment which is no bueno for holding strong energy around our intention to create more.

I cleared this shame (and did some other internal work) and three weeks later I generated an additional $3000 in my life.

Point being, our capacity to manifest is extremely powerful, and can change in an instant if we do the internal work to clean up our energy (thoughts and beliefs).

May we all have the courage to increase our capacity to tap into more co-creative energy by facing our own internal battles.

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