Decide That Manifestation Works For You

June 20, 2017

I’m not motivated by security for the sake of security itself. Do I desire financial security? Yes.

But am I willing to do something for a prolonged period that I do not enjoy in order to obtain that security? No.

So I’m willing to sacrifice it for other freedoms. Ideally, the goal is to create security through things I’m passionate about but sometimes that takes time.

So I set my non-negotiable as not being tied to a long-term job I don’t enjoy.

And because of this I’ve found myself doing various odds and end things over the past few years.

I get that going this route isn’t for everyone. However, I believe the lessons I’ve learned over the last six months about manifestation are helpful regardless of your threshold for security, since creating without a specific thing to rely on really forces you to notice and shore up your bad manifestation habits (i.e. fear, doubt, clinging, etc.).

In only six months of focusing on beginning to master the mechanics of manifestation, I’ve noticed monumental changes in my energy (i.e., my ability to hold faith by wrapping my energy around new goals and calling in the guidance and opportunities to create results without knowing the how ahead of time).

Now the numbers I’m currently working with aren’t earth shattering by any means. But, from the perspective of starting from scratch every month without anything specific or steady to rely on, I think the stories are a reflection of the inner power we each hold.

The most crucial thing that has moved me from liking the idea of manifestation to actively working with it in a way that produces desired results has to do with one word: RESOLVE.

You have to DECIDE that this process works for you no matter what shows up in your experience.

Meaning you have to choose to see through a lens that uses each of your experiences to confirm your faith, instead of your doubt.

This is super tricky in the beginning when you’re just getting the hang of it but it’s absolutely crucial to working more consciously with co-creative energy.

When you RESOLVE to see that this process works for you, your experience will begin to reflect this.

So start there. And I’ll keep sharing more tips.

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