Do Not Passively Accept Your Insecurities

October 22, 2016

Our insecurities are not meant to be passively accepted. The experiences that created them are apart of our soul’s agreement for what we came into this life to heal.

Ultimately, we’re meant to know ourselves as psychologically whole, meaning every insecurity in us has been healed.

In this state of wholeness, we can walk into any room, be in a conversation with any person, have someone say anything to us and be unshakable or unflappable.

All because we have healed any trigger that would lead us to think the other person or circumstance has a bearing on our inmost timeless state, a state that we all share as the agent that binds us together in oneness.

Tapping into this state changes how we experience life. No longer are we chasing approval, validation or ways to prove our worth.

Instead, we stand rooted in full awareness of this fundamental worth we all share.

And from this state, all that’s left to do is to pour forth in the exact manner that a given situation calls for. We are fearlessly in service to whatever the moment calls forth.

So do not passively …


Embracing Our Challenges

October 20, 2016
Shifting out of Ego and Into Spirit

Our challenges in life are our gifts to help awaken not only ourselves, but the collective. They are not our burdens (as many of us have likely incorrectly concluded). Instead, as perfectly stated by Bentinho Massaro, they serve to create the exact polarity of experience we personally need to crystallize the truth of who we are—magnificently balanced beings of love, light and wisdom.

Begin to see these challenges as whispers from God speaking through our higher-self indicating exactly what we need to investigate and heal within ourselves. Befriend them knowing they’re serving to increase our capacity to extend greater amounts of love and light into the world.

As we do so, we speed up our own awakening and simultaneously contribute to the collective awakening of humanity by creating an energetic path or bridge for others to do the same.

Always Shine Brightly,


Let Your Soul Lead The Way

October 12, 2016

I’ve concluded that I used to focus on ego too much.

So I’ve changed my approach.

Instead of being on the hunt for all the ways ego can rear its ugly head, I choose to focus on all the ways that my soul wants to expand.

While holding the knowing that I can deal with any ego effect that arises.

I believe it’s a better way to focus our energy and attention.

Since, as the saying goes, ‘what you focus on expands’.

Looking back, I can see that I was so hyper-focused on how ego works that it was as if I was this mini me standing in the cave of myself shining a flashlight on all the ways ego was (and could) show up.

It’s important to notice how it is showing up but it’s not always constructive to look for how it could show up.

That tends to be looking for more than is necessary for us to be dealing with at that particular juncture in our journey.

I was focusing on both because I knew resolving all aspects of it is a primary goal in our spiritual …


Finding Your Purpose

September 13, 2016

Sometimes finding your purpose can feel like pursuing an elusive savior.

At least that’s how it felt for me when I began my search.

It felt like the missing piece to feeling totally alive and engaged in life…the key to happiness.

Purposeful people preached this like it was the easiest thing to discover. Which only made it that much more frustrating to not know.

The biggest thing I did that I think a lot of others don’t do is I began to engage with my curiosity.

I didn’t try to just think my way into knowing my purpose. Instead, I started to pursue things that interested me even if they were outside of my comfort zone.

I took my first extended trip out of the country…I went to Costa Rica for two months, where I lived with local families and took Spanish lessons.

I had no idea if that had something to do with my overall purpose, but it was an interest that I engaged in.

That led to future trips to Guatemala where I ultimately lived for a year volunteering as a teacher in an indigenous community, one of …